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today at starbucks this girl ordered a drink and told them to put the name “primrose everdeen” on the cup and when the barista called out the name she screamed “i volunteer as tribute” and everyone just stared at her

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  • (I work in a Coffee Shop. I was on break in the lobby when a couple walks in. Directly behind them is a cute little boy in Batman costume.)
  • Me: “Oh my God! It’s BATMAN!”
  • (The boy stops, strikes a pose and starts looking around menacingly. After a few seconds, he approaches the counter.)
  • Mother: “Jeff, would you like a chocolate milk?”
  • Boy: “I am not Jeff. I am The Batman.”
  • Mother: “The Batman, would you like a chocolate milk?”
  • Boy: “Yes. Yes, The Batman would.”
  • (The couple pays while the boy sits down with his chocolate milk. He keeps a stern look on his face as he sips the drink.)
  • Boy: *sips* “Gotham is safe.”

Losing all my followers is not a fun feeling…

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Does anyone miss me? :p

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so many butterflies just thinking of it

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